# Panel Templates

As of Redux 3.4.3+, the Redux templates have been decoupled from the core. That means that ANY developer can take the template files and override them for their own customized Redux panel.

# How's it done?

To do this is simple. First, copy the templates from ~/ReduxCore/templates/panel to a different location.


Never, ever, EVER modify ReduxCore. Always move things out of the core to make modifications.

Tell Redux where these new new files are, via the templates_path argument. That's it!

# What if you change something?

Our templates use the same version methods of other products. If your panel is in dev_mode a notice will be displayed in the panel when a template file has been updated in the core.

# Won't this Change All Panels?

We built Redux so each panel may have it's own set of templates. It's all powered by the opt_name key. Your customizations are yours and yours aloneAs long as as keys are not shared with another panel.

# Template Files

Template File Description
container.tpl.php The template for the main panel container.
content.tpl.php The template for the main content of the panel.
footer.tpl.php The template for the panel footer area.
header.tpl.php The template for the panel header area.
header_stickybar.tpl.php The template for the header sticky bar.
menu_container.tpl.php The template for the menu container of the panel.